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Sterling Meadows NEWS

From the Mt Sterling Advocate

NEW FACILITY—Above is an artist’s rendering of what will become Sterling Meadows, a 38-unit assisted living facility at the old Mt. Sterling High School building on Maysville Street. Developer Daren Turner said the facility may be ready to open as early as July. A small building in the back along Harrison Avenue will house eight senior apartments.

By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

Construction continues at the old Mt. Sterling High School building, where a Lexington developer plans to open an assisted living facility.

Developer Daren Turner said his plans are to open a 38-unit residential facility at the location by as early as July. He was recently granted a conditional use permit for the project by the Mt. Sterling Board of Adjustments.

Turner said there is a glaring need for such a facility, which will be called Sterling Meadows.
“There is definitely a strong need for it there,” he said.

The facility, to be located in the main part of the old high school complex, will include units ranging in size from 400 square foot studio-style units to those 900 square feet in size, Turner said.

There will be single and double occupancy units. Each unit will include a kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

An auditorium will host activities for residents, such as concerts and Sunday church services, Turner said. Plans also include a 1,500 square foot wellness center, a salon-spa, a main kitchen and dining area.

Outside, there will be a courtyard including a waterfall and walking paths, Turner said. Residents and visitors will enter in the back, where there will be a canopy.

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